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OMI is Seeking Canadian Model Trains Pre-Order Customers

We are coming to you with a very special request and for your understanding.   During the past three weeks we have been working hard to reach pre-order customers of Canadian Model Trains but have not mentioned them by name.  With this message we are clearly changing directions and need to reach out to ALL Canadian Model Trains customers that have ANY Overland Models products on pre-order.

During the past three weeks we have made numerous efforts to reach out to Canadian Model Trains to reach the full understanding of what CMT is doing with its business.  Unfortunately with each conversation we have not been able to gain full understanding of their future.  Each call is met with CMT commenting that an update will follow or more details will come in a day or two.

Frankly, we need to move forward with our business and cannot be harmed by the lack of communication provided by Canadian Model Trains.  Note that we do not know or fully understand the future of CMT but come to the conclusion of sending this message due to the following.

1. We have written to CMT a number of times regarding their future and have not received their written or verbal reply.
2. We have sent out a pick-up notice/ payment request for the models listed directly below and placed important milestones for their confirmation and payment and have not received any reply.
3. The CMT website at www.modeltrains.com has been redirected to another unaffiliated business until further notice.
4. The CMT fax number has been disconnected.
5. All forms of social media the CMT was once very active in its communications have all been cancelled as evidenced by their Facebook page, Twitter page and YouTube channels all now de-activated.

Again, we are not making any claim toward the health and/ or welfare of CMT, but reaching out to retail customers to make sure you are not harmed by whatever may be happening at CMT.

Yes, we are aware of the fact that their website directs you to another party…but they have not received any of the customer deposits, nor do they have all of the information regarding Overland Model pre-orders.  We have made a number of indirect efforts through customer e-mails such as this as well as through Trainorders, Canadian Model Trains Forum and through many personal phone calls and e-mail communications.

As of today we have heard from enough customers to link customer names to about 100 of the over 350 brass Overland models on pre-order with Canadian Model Trains.  CMT customers that have already reached out to us do not need to contact regarding this message.  We are specifically seeking communication with Canadian Model Trains customers that have Overland Models on pre-order and have NOT yet been in contact with Overland Models.

We, OMI, realize that CMT customers have placed deposits on our products and want to be very clear that Overland Models does not possess the deposits that Canadian Trains collected.  The deposits that CMT collected were based upon a CMT business policy and not at the request of Overland Models…except for those requested for O scale productions.

Please, if you are a CMT customer that has Overland Models on pre-order…please contact us now with your name, phone number and preferably a list of Overland Models on pre-order.  Typically CMT provided customers with a sales order listing the models on pre-order along with the amount of the deposit.  We will work with you on a case-by-case basis to assist you.  NOTE:  If we do not hear from CMT customers with Overland Models pre-orders then your pre-order will be lost and your requested models sold to another dealer.  We do not want to sell these models, but soon we will have no choice but to cancel the CMT pre-orders in full if we do not hear from you.

Finally, if you are not a CMT customer then you do not need to check in or re-confirm your orders.  If you do know of a CMT customer, could you please forward this message to them using the forward link directly below.  Or, if you know of a friend that is a CMT customer that does not have e-mail would you consider reaching out to them and asking that they connect with us via phone as soon as possible.  You can reach Overland Models via the following methods:

Phone: 765-289-4257
Fax: 765-289-6013
e-mail: bmarsh@overlandmodels.com


Brian Marsh
Overland Models, Inc.

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