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EMD SD70ACe #1201 Yellow/ Black/ Gray/ Silver

Overland Models visited the EMD SD70ACe #1201 Fleet locomotive in East Peoria and Peoria, IL at the Caterpillar facility last Friday.  We were able to photograph this beautiful new SD70ACe that was specially painted in Caterpillar colors to take part in the Caterpillar exhibit at MinExpo held earlier this Fall in Las Vegas, NV.

The 4,300 horsepower SD70ACe EMD #1201 was built and painted in London, ONT, CANADA.  Upon completion the unit was tarped and transported from London to Las Vegas where it was on display at MinExpo and then tarped once again and transported to East Peoria IL where the tarp was removed.  On Saturday October 20, 2012 the unit was on display along the Peoria IL Riverfront just behind the brand new CATERPILLAR Museum along with three flat cars loaded with two CAT dozers and a CATERPILLAR Dump Truck.

The EMD #1201 will now go into fleet service generating revenue.

Overland Models will produce this locomotive in HO scale brass as OMI #AA-2021 with production delivery estimated for late 2013 delivery.  Contact your Overland Models Dealer today to place your pre-order for this limited production locomotive.

EMD SD70ACe 1201

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